Journey Mapping

We start by creating your “Journey Map”. This is a preliminary and conceptual framework for your website’s structure and layout. It charts the visitor’s path from one site page to the next. This “rough draft” phase determines which website pages are most important and helpful to your buyer. Thorough Journey Mapping will create a foundation for how your website will more effectively market and sell.

Vibrant Renditions

Consider this phase a full-color draft of your new website. Renditions will include branding and photography alongside your content - all curated by the epic graphic designer, Emily Charette. Upon your approval, these vibrant renditions become the guidelines for detailed development and coding built to render beautifully on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Development & Coding

With your design proofs created, Lead Native developers convert your vibrant renditions to interactive pages of website code. Integrating your operational business software during this phase is key. Such software may include your preferred customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing software, or payment processor. All software is integrated seamlessly with exquisite attention to detail.


Transitioning your new website to a public setting is a significant and complex process that occurs during this stage. Our team engineer, Seth Mcleod, is an expert in creating protected cloud server space. With his skill and expertise, rest assured your domain name is properly tied to a secure cloud server safely holding your website files and data.

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