Keyword Strategy

Leveraging your industry knowledge, Lead Native will study, build and revise both a long-tail and short-tail keyword strategy to drive visitors and leads website.

Blog & Publication Management

Your business likely participates in a variety of educational workshops, community events, and team-building exercises. These engagements, alongside the valuable delivery of your services, are great opportunities for publishing content and improving your business' SEO and market presence online. Lead Native will help you to package and publish your content with the skill and poise to make a robot reader swoon.

Organic Search Success

Organic search traffic occurs when your website visitors arrive from a search engine (like Google) after searching for a string of words pertaining to your website content. This search may resemble a something like, "best web developers in Jacksonville, Florida." By exercising and refining a thoughtful keyword + blogging strategy over a period of time your site will rank higher in organic search results and you will begin reaping the benefits of a succesful growth hack.

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